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29 Oct

About Us

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Open Space is:

Open Space is a creative platform for students and citizens to explore, understand and initiate social change. It is a forum where you can express opinions and ideas that interest you, read your poetry, screen your film, host a discussion group, or build a campaign. OS is also the place to meet and interact with (online and in person) writers, filmmakers, artists, activists and changemakers intrepid enough to believe that we can build a more equitable, sustainable world.

Open Space organises programmes and processes that encourage citizens, especially young adults, to see society, ideas and politics from fresh perspectives. We do this by providing an extensive library of films and books, conducting workshops, film screenings and talks, large comfortable cushions, WiFi and free coffee. Our space is free and we are a bunch of sometimes serious, usually happy people always up for a cup of coffee and a good conversation.

Open Space uses the power of media, art, literature, film, theatre and pop culture to explore the ideas of identity, diversity, social justice and sustainable and equitable development. We aim at creating awareness on these subjects using new and innovative ways. We amplify our reach by working closely with other organisations to foster change, and so we welcome collaborations with youth groups, campus clubs, online communities, and campaigns.

Our capacity-building programmes seek to build perspectives, knowledge and skills in different areas, including gender and sexuality, active citizenship, cultural diversity and pluralism, and globalisation and development. They focus on urban middle class youth and concerned citizens.

Our regular film screenings range from the serious to the bizarre, and end with lively discussions and debates. Our seminars rake up several emotive issues related to art and politics, human rights, peace-building and much more. And often live music and readings to listen to, have fun with and be inspired!

Open Space online

Open Space encourages its community to create and share information online using our website and blogs. We encourage people to write articles, post opinions, upload videos and share photographs.

Open Space resources

Open Space's resource centre in Pune provides:

*Leading national newspapers, national and international magazines and journals
*Niche and specialised journals on development, social change, environment and alternative lifestyles, books, cinema and the arts
*An eclectic collection of over 3,000 books on sustainable development, globalisation, development economics, literature, history, arts and ideas
* Over 500 recent documentary films from South Asia
*A selection of classic and contemporary world cinema
*Several OS publications, available for free download and for sale at nominal prices


Established in Pune in 2004, Open Space has been a lively and vibrant public forum for the last seven years and has also been active in Lucknow, Kolkata, Ranchi, Bangalore and Ahmedabad, where Open Space Fellows have been working to promote intercultural dialogue and to open spaces for discussion and citizens' action in their own cities.

Open Space has collaborated with leading educational institutions across India over the years and partnered with leading civil society organisations, campaigns, advocacy groups, filmmakers, writers, artists, theatrepersons, musicians and journalists from across India (for more about our programmes and collaborators see Recent Events and Programme Archives).

Open Space is an initiative of the Centre for Communication and Development Studies (CCDS), a social change resource centre that builds new spaces for research, communication and dialogue on issues related to social justice and equitable/sustainable development. CCDS also manages, a leading free-access online portal providing news and views on social justice and social change in India.

Address: B-301, 2nd Floor, Kanchanjunga Bldg, Kanchan Lane, Off Law College Road, Pune 411 048. Tel No: 020 25457371, 30222156


Imran Ali Khan works with Open Space where he is mostly seen drinking coffee or spying on the people in the building opposite his desk. When he isn't around it means he is at University doing a Masters in English Literature or feeding into the economy as a designer.

Rakesh GanguliRakesh Ganguli: A trained social worker from the Tata Institute of Social Sciences (TISS), Mumbai, Rakesh specializes in community organization practice with a keen interest in issues related to gender, cultural diversity, peace and conflict transformation and human rights.

Arshia SattarArshia Sattar is an Advisor to Open Space. Arshia has a PhD in South Asian Languages and Civilizations from the University of Chicago. She teaches courses on classical Indian literatures for various American universities and has recently begun teaching traditional narratives for screenwriting programmes. She has been closely associated with theatre in India over the last two decades.

Hutokshi Doctor: Trustee, CCDS is a journalist who has worked in the Indian media for over 25 years. She founded CCDS's outreach programme Open Space in 2004. She edits and Infochange Agenda, both of which are CCDS projects.

Priya Sarukkai Chabria Priya Sarukkai Chabria is a poet, writer and translator. Recipient of the Indian Government's Senior Fellowship to Outstanding Artists she has worked on the Rasa Theory of Aesthetic Rapture, co-founded a club that showed silent films, written the script for an Oberhausen Critic's Award film, Dhaara and collaborated with classical dancer Malavika Sarukkai on several projects. Her books include two poetry collections, a novel and one speculative fiction narrative; her work is also anthologized.  In 2012 Eels of Time, essays on Mumbai and Love: Stories will be published followed by, in 2013, The Autobiography of a Goddess, translations of eight century Tamil mystic Aandaal hymns and a book on cinema. She's at

DwarkanathK C Dwarkanath: Manager, Operations, a senior finance professional, formerly a bank manager, he has been with CCDS for the last six years.

Vijay Narvekar: Webmaster and Technical Coordinator Vijay Narvekar holds Diplomas in Electronic Engineering and Internet and Multimedia. He specialises in developing, designing and managing websites for civil society organisations and corporate houses.

Philip Varghese: Manager-Administration Philip Varghese is a post-graduate in Commerce from the University of Pune. He has been a teacher and accountant.

John SamuelJohn Samuel has been a human rights activist, policy researcher, writer, institution-builder and development manager for more than 20 years. He has initiated and promoted national and international campaigns for human rights, accountable governance and social justice, including the Rights to Information in India and the Global Call to Action Against Poverty.

Mari Marcel Thekkekara Mari Marcel Thekkekara is founder-associate director of ACCORD, an organisation that works with the tribals of Gudalur, Tamil Nadu. She is a frequent contributor to leading publications in India and abroad.

Sandhya SrinivasanSandhya Srinivasan is a freelance journalist specialising in public health and development issues. She has is Executive Editor of the Indian Journal of Medical Ethics. She was a Panos Reproductive Health Media Fellow in 1998 and an Ashoka Fellow. She is Consulting Editor, Public Health, for

vishnujVishnu Walje is the office assistant without whom it would be very difficult to locate films or books in the Open Space library, organise our events or keep the office functioning smoothly.

29 Oct

Volunteer at Open Space

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Open Space needs people to:

publicise events through postering, mailing, etc, create interesting displays in the resource room, help put together resource kits to use in our training, help with organising events on campus and at Open Space, take responsibility for regular film screenings/discussions/music or poetry recitals, help with maintaining mailing lists, maintain our social networking pages.

If you are interested in this, or if you have any other ideas on how you could help take forward the idea of Open Space, please do get in touch with us.


16 Apr


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Open Space publishes a range of reading material – from our quarterly dossier on development-related issues, Infochange Agenda,  to small quick read booklets on current topics (such as the Pink Chaddi campaign, globalisation and climate change), and collections of selected creative writing resulting from our workshops/contests. Our publications help to widen awareness on issues, provide a forum for new voices in creative writing, and can also be used as background reading for workshops or as training tools. While the quickreads lay out the key points of an issue in a brief, easy to read format, Infochange Agenda examines issues in depth from various angles, and the information sheets which combine graphics and text  can be used as posters or flyers on specific issues such as AIDS or violence.

These publications are currently in stock and can be ordered by contacting us:

Sangam House, Open Space, InKo Centre come together to publish Other People.

Other People: 'This anthology of contemporary writing brings together the work of a little more than thirty writers from all over the world, from cultures and nations as diverse as Korea and Austria, Spain and India and in languages as dominant as English and those as nationally bound as Danish. Apart from many languages and cultures, this collection contains different genres of writing, from poetry and short fiction to non fiction and drama.

The works here represent the diversity of the Sangam House writers residency at Adishakti, Pondicherry.'
Edited by Arshia Sattar and DW Gibson.
Buy your copy at Open Space now!
Other People-The Sangam House Reader Vol I

Infochange Agenda: Rs 150.00

Quickread booklets:
Globalised world: Rs 50.00
Unequal world: Rs 20.00
RTI booklet: Rs 35.00
Greed is not good: Rs 35.00
Morality Debate: Rs 35.00
Inclusion in Bollywood: Rs 35.00
Good Woman, Bad Woman
(Women in Bollywood): Rs 35.00
Hotting Up (Climate Change): Rs 35.00

All Poetry is Protest: Rs 10.00
50 Poets 50 Poems: Rs 50.00
Borders: Rs 35.00

Defending Human Rights A training manual: Rs 75.00

Unpriced pamphlets/information sheets:
Can we live together?
What is VAW?

16 Apr


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Read, watch, listen, browse, discuss, write, research, interact…

Open Space has a library with over 2000 titles (fiction and non-fiction) on topics ranging from sustainable development, globalisation, gender and media studies to literature, politics, culture, films and history. 

We also have over 400 feature films, documentaries and audio CDs from India and around the world.  

Plus a range of international and national newspapers, magazines (general and specialist) and journals. 

And over 10,000 pages of information online. 

The library is open to all, weekdays 10am-8pm and Saturdays 10am-1pm (Sundays and public holidays closed).  

In-house use of materials including films is free.  

To take books/films home you have to become a member.

Membership fee for individuals: Rs 500 returnable deposit + Rs 500 annual fee

Membership fee for institutions: Rs 1000 returnable deposit + Rs 1000 annual fee 

About Open Space

Open Space is a social network for young people interested in exploring and building a more equal, sustainable and inclusive world. OS is a forum for new ideas, expression, dialogues and learning on issues that concern young adults and their future. Share your views, articles, films and creative expressions on OS, and participate in our programmes. Open Space is an initiative of the Centre for Communication and Development Studies, which also manages India’s leading resource base on social justice and development issues

Centre for Communication and Development Studies
Flat No, B-202
Collina Casa (B Wing)
Near Mount carmel school
Pune – 411040
Phone No: - 020-8055342047

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