“There is a community of the spirit. Join it, and feel the delight of walking in the noisy street…” urges the mystic Rumi. Tana Bana (warp and weft, the threads of diversity) leads you along the “noisy street” of multiculturalism – come, explore India’s diverse traditions through art, music, video and word. The resources on Kabir in this section have been curated by Chintan Girish Modi of the Kabir Project (www.kabirproject.org)


Introducing Kabir

Who was Kabir? Dr Linda Hess, advisor to the Kabir Project, shares her thoughts.


Walking with Kabir

In 2002, as Gujarat burned, Shabnam Virmani began her journey with Kabir. She describes here the paths she has since walked...




The bazaar of the heart

A journey into the courtyard of memory, where for the past seven centuries the Qawwali has been the bridge between Amir Khusrao and Nizamuddin Aulia


Seven ways to One love

The 17th-century Sufi poet Shah Abdul Latif Bhitai speaks of his search for the Beloved through the  heroines of seven famous love legends


Call of the flute

What does an assertive, 21st-century woman make of Mirabai, the epitome of feminine submission?


City of mirrors

Bengali fakir Lalon's life was an attempt to discover the man inside, the one that defies categorisation.


A community of the spirit

Rumi, the mystic poet urges us to close our eyes and open our 'other eye', to be the noise and the silence...


Ulat Bansi

Ulat Bansi, a form of poetry used by Kabir and other mystics, forces us to re-think everyday conventions...


My personal and political Kabir

Even those who grow up with Kabir's words resonating on ear and tongue, often 'discover' Kabir afresh as adults.


The age of entanglements

Interwoven? Tangled? Good luck to anyone who tries to sort out our many-layered identities, says film-maker Samina Mishra!



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"Where have you come from, where are you going?" asks Kabir...
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'Flight of the Hummingbird' is a version of the Parrot story by Haida artist M.N. Yahgulanaas.
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Artist Shilo Shiv Suleiman says her film is inspired by Kabir and true facts about moths.
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What does an assertive, 21st-century woman make of Mirabai, the epitome of feminine submission
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An extract from the film Ajab Shahar which documents the US tour of folk singer Prahlad Tipaniya.
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Shabnam Virmani, founder of the Kabir Project, speaks at the TEDx Delhi event in August 2010.

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