• He was long armed, mettlesome, bull-eyed the hero Abhimanyu who Subhadra bore. . . fearless and wrathful … Like Indira, the Terrifier Arjuna saw a son all muscle, yet marked with all good lines, unassailable, with the shoulders of a bull and the wide mouth of a snake, a great archer with the pride of a lion and the power of a mad elephant, the voice of a thundercloud and a kettledrum, the face of the full moon, the match of Krishna in bravery, might, beauty and shape

Kurus, our Contemporaries : The Relevance of the Mahabharata

  • Rabindranath Tagore’s story ‘Dui Bon’ (Two Sisters) begins rather provocatively, ‘There are two kinds of women, or so I have heard some pundits say. One is mostly maternal. The other is the lover.’

Rabindranath Tagore : Epistolary Moments

  • Rabindranath’s story ‘Steer Patra’ (Wife’s Letter) is a perennial favourite among readers for exposing the patriarchal baggage of landowning, uppercrust families in Bengal.

That single fleeting moment: thoughts on ekphrastic poetry

  • A literary description of or commentary on a visual work of art Etymology: Greek ekphrasis, literally, description, from ekphrazein to recount, describe, from ex- out + phrazein to point out, explain

Leaving Babel At The Gates: Writers, Personas And Cyberspace

  • Caferati began as an online network for writers called Bombay Writers’ Cafe (on the networking site,, in July, 2004. A few weeks later, when some writers met for the first time

Poetry: Protest, Dissent and Subversion

  • In our fairly complex world the pathways towards meaning are not too straight. With poetry things can at times become even more complex. Art and aesthetics can clutter up things further. They have their own dimensions, their own fads, fashions

The Peace of Grass

  • Now we know that, as a youth of 18 or so, Gunter Grass, the Nobel laureate, had served in Hitler's elite Waffen SS. So, I presume, had many other German men. Some of them, unlike Grass, killed and tortured innocent victims – communists, gypsies, Jews.

Poetics of Dislocation

  • I propped open the dictionary, an old fat one, immensely heavy, on the kitchen table. I had to use the magnifying glass to peer at the letters, tiny black letters dancing on the page. They might have been a flurry of gnats on a summer’s day.

Essay on Arun Kolhatkar's 'Kala Ghoda Poems'

  • At a time when the topic of urban space has become so prominent in academic discussions, when so many books are being published on Bombay city and when postcolonial poetry is finally becoming noticed, Kala Ghoda Poems by Arun Kolatkar

An Indian Poet in Jerusalem: Dom Moraes and Israeli Culture

  • The 1961 trial of Adolph Eichmann in Jerusalem attracted hundreds of journalists from around the world.  The Israelis had captured Eichmann in Argentina and had spirited him to Israel, where his trial and subsequent execution were presented as a Jewish reckoning with the Nazi murders.

The Cherry Blossom in Heian Waka poetry

  • The cherry tree is botanically a native of the Japanese Isles. From an early period it has been the national tree of Japan. From the Man’yoshu, the earliest anthology of Japanese poems and songs (7th-9th cent.), down to the present day, the cherry tree has exerted on the Japanese psyche an almost mystical fascination.

Thin Ice and The Midnight Skaters

  • The most famous passage in English poetry about skating is to be found in Book 1 of Wordsworth’s The Prelude where, in the 1805 version, the young Wordsworth hisses along “the polished ice, in games / Confederate, imitative of the chace” with “the Pack loud bellowing, and the hunted hare”

Reflections Of The Writer and The Self

  • The first strand of the story begins in the latter part of the 19th century in India. The son of a zamindar in Uttar Pradesh finds his family lifestyle and priorities unacceptable and leaves home to seek his own fortune and educate himself.

War: A fragment of the Mahabharata

  • This is a slightly altered version of the narrative Adil Jussawalla wrote for Assembly Theater and Riverfront Pictures’ co –production of War, a treatment of Manipur Chorus Theater’s Chakravyuha produced for Britain’s Channel 4. Chakravyuha was directed by Ratam Thiyam

Gay Writing in India and Writing the Future in Asia

  • Last month was Ramadan in Hyderabad where I live.  They fast, pray and abstain from sex.  On the night of the 15th of Ramadan five Moslem boys picked up a Moslem ‘koti’ (i.e. a passive homosexual).

Poetics and Criticism

  • The creation of a canon of major authors implies accepted stan­dards, values and preferences on the part of the poets and critics who establish taste and influence the judgment of others. Their comments

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