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08 Sep

To be a woman

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  Written by priyanka rath

In the land of a million deities,

to be a woman

is a joke of divine proportions.

Freedom is a privilege, not right

from birth to death;

bestowed by a multitude

indoctrined with ages of unconscionable customs.

18 Mar


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  Written by Rajashree Gandhi

This is the dress I'll wear tonight

From the fanciest of boutiques,

woven of exclusive strands of insensitivity,

smeared with the lustre of carelessnes.

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18 Mar

Not Born To Kill

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  Written by Shruti Nagbhushan

The golden sun shone on

as dust clouds rose,

despicable acts took place

without penance under the devil's nose.

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17 Sep

Wheels Within Wheels

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  Written by Rohi Shetty
16 August 2009, Sunday, 4 pm, Juna Bazar, Suhas’s stall

Amar Chavan and Suhas Wagh are seated on faded grey molded chairs under a giant blue and white beach umbrella. Both are in T-shirts, jeans and sports shoes. Suhas, wearing a green surgical mask around his neck, is singing his favorite Hindi songs.

23 Mar

Untitled and Undecided

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  Written by Resham George
Her story had to start with lighting a cigarette. It would act as a catalyst to kickstart her floundering brain. So what if she wrote in a language that was supposed to be alien to her. So what if it felt more in tune with her than her native tongue, whose words befuddled her tongue and dropped out, mutated beyond all recognition. This was her language, regardless of its’ origins at the hand of colonizers.
23 Mar

The Tale Of The Teller

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  Written by Kamayani Sharma

The damp sand was smudged where she’d sat. She frowned, wiping her robes, clucking her tongue and clearing her throat all at the same time, looking around for her dispersed audience. Her ungainly body organised the fluid, light cloth draped around her with rickety staccatos...

23 Mar

The Rock of Truth

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  Written by Arka Mukhopadhyay

1. This-that
The hall is built on a raised platform. You leave your shoes on the top of the staircase and walk across the outer yard to enter the main chamber. Built entirely of milk-white marble and decorated with arabesques and trellis work, it has a slightly atavistic feel to it. Tonight, there are many colours and many faces here.

17 Sep

The Mandala of Life

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  Written by Anubha Doshi

In the heart of Pune city, stands the pulsating Shivaji Fish and Vegetable market, built in 1885, as the board outside boldly states. I stood there over whelmed with emotions, staring impassively, at the market gates which clearly indicated the divide between the outside world and the inner sanctum.

23 Mar

The Lesson

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  Written by Ashwini Gowariker

“Well done!” says Miss Puneetha Mary, picking up the notebook of the boy in the third row. She holds up the book for the whole class to see how a perfect straight line should be drawn. The little boy beams and blushes, and as his teacher walks away, flips the pages of his notebook to look at the carcasses of his earlier attempts.

23 Mar

The Birdcage

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  Written by Anupam Shukla

Mariam Bi sat on her bed, swathed in her numerous faded blankets and shawls, surrounded by her necessary paraphernalia in a complacent doze. It was dark in her room because she did not like the new CFL bulbs which Aziz her grandson had put up.

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