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Tanushree Baidya

Tanushree Baidya

A software analyst, a blogger, a Teach for India volunteer, a copy writer.I believe in Calvinism and Wilde theories. I'm a city girl -- living, working , trying to find my way through life's maze. It's an interesting life, and even more so, since I get to write about it here... Happy Reading !!!! I blog at : http://tanushreebaidya.in

As I pack my bags to leave my country to start a phase in my life which can only be described as a whole new one, I find myself quite unprepared... 


Let’s just say, I finally decided to let go of my inhibitions and confusions, and do something about my misery.

Elsa also loved chasing dogs, cats and little children. When I look back at the initial years with Elsa, most of my memories get eclipsed by the chases. They were classic out of the movie chases; Elsa would just zip out and off we’d go running behind her, the entire camp echoing with my, my dad’s and Munnu bhaiya’s screams. .. Elsaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. It used to be quite a spectacle. The chases were innumerable and each with a unique twirl.

My Heptanesia musing

I’m sitting in a 5 by 5 feet cubicle, I’ve now moved to the 6th floor, to a new project. Unfortunately I can’t see people unless they’re not standing or I am not sitting upright and craning my neck. But I watch people when they move around.

A Soliloquy

Sometimes I tend to go into a reverie when I am travelling back from work in a bus. I was travelling in those buses IT companies provide, gives you the feel of ‘being sheep’ herded and ferried. It is a melancholic sight, scores of IT hound dogs in Odd formals, rubber floaters and haversacks. 

Cotton Green is a tiny suburb close to Parel. Huge empty cotton mills, a beautiful Heritage building which used to be the cotton exchange and unused smaller granaries mark this central Mumbai suburb. Akanksha, the NGO runs a primary English medium school in Abhudaya Nagar Municipal School in Cotton Green.

Oh my God, June’s over???

I am a bit embarrassed. I would like to blame it on so many things, things that I have been doing to keep my jaded self preoccupied , but I am simply unable to justify the fact that I have forgotten to acknowledge a whole new year and bid adieu to the previous.

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