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  • Comment Link Tuesday, 20 December 2011 18:40 posted by Akshath Jitendranath

    With the socio-political realities of India, I have no doubt in questioning the thrust of market capitalism on many sectors. I'm not arguing for a return to a Nehruvian legacy of inefficiency and corruption. Its just that I find it absurd that public spending on sectors that matter to the poor have fallen drastically since the dawn of Manmohanomics. Our social indicators tell a story that is antithetical to the growth story that has captured the imagination of Indians like you and me!
    And that Abbas, for me is a cause for concern!

    Also, thank you for your kind words. And would you like to elaborate on your point a little further, about Capitalism being the economic order that'll emancipate the country's starving millions? I'm keen to hear that side of the arguement.


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  • Comment Link Sunday, 18 December 2011 15:00 posted by Abbas

    While capitalism has created a country that "successfully replace(s) every form of human value to exchange value", do you really think our country (and its people) would stand a better chance to lead a better life without it keeping the political condition of our country in mind?

    Agree with your statement "However, both common observation and empirical evidence shows that the alignment of our economic and political systems isn’t linear" and how today's realities are a harsh refection of how badly our political system as failed and how successfully the man in the suit has capitalized on this failure.

    Also agree with you statement that markets have chosen to negate and ignore all of the individuals they cannot commodify and package; But i believe that this will soon change. It will be the capitalist after all, that will help the 'aam admi' to lead a better life (in the process of profiting from him of course) as opposed to a better society.

    Well written piece :)

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