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Darfurnica: Art must offend, shock and disturb

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  • Comment Link Friday, 16 September 2011 20:13 posted by seema

    Kudos to the artist! Long live freedom of expression and the victory achieved fighting over a CAUSE.Solidarity of artists is commendable too...yet I would like to say something about the MF Hussain case. I am not at all defending any vandalism or intimidation but the existent conditions at that time(communal disharmony)and the timing of the exhibition also collided in a bad way.I am not sure about this but some of the paintings were supposed to have been painted much earlier..if that was so and when Husain was such a sensitive artist he could have had easily anticipated all this..and avoided it.(It would have been different altogether if it was aimed at bridging the gap between two communities involved! Obviouly he was not doing it for any noble cause but to mint money by catering to mostly western art markets. Even for that matter Husain saab never used his freedom of expression to raise a voice in the Shahbano case, and SUPPORTED Indiraji's emergency!!And yet expects to exercise his freedom under the MOST ADVERSE conditions. Everyone keeps arguing and sympathising about his age factor too.Full sympathies yet the impertinent question -- age is supposed to give you discretion and wisdom too! And the third point is about copy right. More than anything else it's extremely unfortunate to see an artist who is supposed to be Indian and yet treating the subject matter in a most frivolous way and to wrap it up all now if he wanted to be so daring why complain?The hindus were fully justified in getting angry according to me BUT they can't take the law in their hands, that's where they faltered. They could have protested peacefully using their freedom of expression for venting anger.a\ And I wonder if the writer has seen all the paintings..please do so if you haven't. The paintings are clearly aimed at Ram Seeta and Hanuman's character assasination(ref Ramayana)so the Husain case is far more complex than the Darfurian one!Of course he should have been living here. But conveniently again used the religious angle to his benefit or so is one left to conclude.Of course the state should have provided him with the security which they didn't and that was shameful.I am sorry to say this but even if he was given the security he had created enough hostile air for himself all over the country.and that was not a result of just plain mispropaganda.

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