Slutwalk: Walk of Shame or McFeminism?

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  • Comment Link Tuesday, 26 July 2011 23:48 posted by Kamayani

    @Shobha: :) I don't think my thoughts are different from that!

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  • Comment Link Monday, 25 July 2011 00:45 posted by Shobha

    Kamayani, I agree that the tone of the whole campaign is very elitist, upper middle class and ends up alienating several different groups of women in our society. I have issues with it. But then I also feel that being dismissive about them is also not a solution. The veiled issue (behind all the slut-talk) they are addressing is common across all womenfolk which is the right to safe public space. I think a dialogue with them is the need of the hour especially since there is a common ground.

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  • Comment Link Sunday, 24 July 2011 16:35 posted by Sruthi

    zalina.... actuallly... you are wrong there. feminism is more or less like class struggle... it is about the collective angst. it is not about one or two women in their neo capitalistic, 'fun'-feministic frenzy deciding to stage a walk to prove they could wear anything. yes, they should be able to wear anything. the end what are they projecting? owning a label called 'slut' or besharmi or whatever which has been used throughout the patriarchal times to condemn the sexual choices of women.... how can you possibly own that ? it is not a term like queer. it is like faggot. it is not like 'black', but like nigger. i am sorry, but i am not a slut. even if i jump into bed with multiple men and tell the world about it... uh ah... i am not a slut and i refuse to own that. and really..... this movement is about the individual right to wear what you want... fine... lets go with it... so... who decides what you wear? your minis or your sarees? do you? No. the system does.. the patriarchal system. the market does. the new trends do. so... in other words, it becomes a bit, 'hey ye'all, am walking this walk to show the world that i can strut my assets in a piece of clothing designed to please the eyes of men, so that they can easily objectify me.' where is feminism in that? these women shop in the best shops, buy the best brands, enhance the pockets of the global brands... all designed by the system to show how to contain a woman in a specific set of packaging. sorry... nooooo feminism. yes, it might be the handicap of being an 'intellectual' feminist... even though i do not agree with views of the women's commission fully.

    all in all... i want to lament that the third wave which was perfect for india is being distorted by certain butterflies who want to run around looking good and thinking nothing.

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  • Comment Link Thursday, 21 July 2011 19:36 posted by Kamayani

    @Zalina:My post quite blatantly states that is not the a condemnation of all upper class protest but is intended to express distress at this exclusive,elitist,ignorant protesting which bases itself on nothing but the momentary angst of women of the topmost demographic profile.i DO respect the angst,it is as legitimate as the problems of the lowermost class.i just don't respect its myopia."gross generalisations" is a convenient way to refute any opposition against's impossible to account for all possible variables and it's not the right to hold the slutwalk that i have a problem with,it's just that it's not fair to bill it as a grand reformist movement when it isn't even embracing fundamental problems & cutting the majority of women out of the protest!people saying things like,"i'd rather be a slut than a feminist" sounds pretty antifeminist to me.what kind of feminism hasten to confirm that a word as heteronormative as slut is an index of liberation & that women dressing skimpily for the male gaze is a hallmark of emancipation?

    i'm sorry if u were offended but the outrage does not defeat my argument that this is a classist,limp protest & while i'm sure that obviously not all participating women are ill-read,the ones spearheading this campaign *are*.this is not meant to be a snooty tirade against any girl who giggles or loves 'twilight',sneering at her for daring to be part of a movement like this one.what galls me is that this movement glorifies *only* that kind of limited understanding of the issues involved while throwing away the opportunity to go beyond individual concerns.i say this as someone who trolled the facebook group for the event to avoid generalising.this protest address nothing basic.i have less problem with this than its publicisation as The Feminist Revolution.women only dress "for themselves" as performance for an invisible male spectatorship with the illusion of choice because we are already conditioned into gendered behaviour & hence recognise this project which other women undertake.and the reason this project,encapsulated in slutwalk,is problematic is precisely because this is a heterosexual performance of coital availability for a male audience. it's like women being "fine" with never leaving the courtyards unless swathed in burqas or abject widowhood or accepting honour killings out of choice.

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  • Comment Link Wednesday, 20 July 2011 19:45 posted by Zalina Gamat

    Your article makes me uncomfortable. In particular, the derogatory remarks aimed at the upper middle class which are gross generalisations, and which frankly made me quite angry. Any form of individual protest starts with concerns of the individual ('the freedom to wear what i want'), and then through interaction with others an awareness often grows to encompass concerns beyond the self. An article such as this humiliates and hence distances those who may have just started on their journey of feminist awakening. I definitely don't see 'Slutwalk' as anti-feminist, the freedom to express one's sexuality and self without fear is a basic freedom.

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  • Comment Link Thursday, 14 July 2011 11:35 posted by Meenal Borawake Srinivasan

    Great article. True "free woman=target for sexual assault", "women are being harassed for being women" sums up the problem. Yes "female rag pickers to university students" should move around unmolested ...what is it got to do with dressing more or less?

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