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03 May

There is no alternative

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  Written by Milind Wani
The POSCO project has been cleared. So too, it seems, Jaitapur. Are  thousands protesting? Well, too bad -- TINA says Jairam.
26 Apr

Molly’s story

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  Written by Manjima Bhattacharjya

April is Child Sexual Abuse Awareness month -- over 53% of India’s children have experienced sexual abuse.

Is a new revolutionary patriarchy emerging in Egypt like in Iran after 1979?

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Is the creation of ‘women’s only’ spaces the solution to women’s safety? The recent assault on a Delhi student raises questions again.
09 Apr

Mass support for Hazare

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  Written by OS Team
Anti-corruption crusader Anna Hazare’s demand for a strong and accountable Lokpal Bill to curb corruption has struck a resonant chord.
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Reading down Section 377 is significant not only for gay rights

30 Mar

The right word

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  Written by OS Team

One man's terrorist is another's freedom fighter, son, friend, neighbour... Imtiaz Dharker's poem speaks of the myth of the 'faceless' other...

The crisis in four nuclear power plants in Japan is cause to rethink India’s nuclear strategy, says Ranjan Panda.
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21 Mar

The right to live – and die

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  Written by Rakesh Shukla
The argument of possible misuse cannot be grounds to oppose euthanasia, says advocate Rakesh Shukla.
14 Mar

The shopping mall virus

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  Written by Bedartha Goswami

Is it worth creating and indulging these mammoth statues of consumerism knowing that they devour such huge amounts of energy?

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