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30 Jun

Petrol up, school down?

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  Written by Adithya Narayanan

Fuel price hikes can have surprising fall-outs -- children leaving school, for example, says student-journalist Adithya Narayanan.

What is it that prompts a group of people in Calicut to start the Chamba Swatantra Cinema Project?

A chance encounter helps a young teacher make a difficult choice – the choice to walk her own learning path.

22 Jun

Doing as I say

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  Written by OS Team

Changing the status quo requires courage. But often, it begins with one small, very simple step as a government official has shown.

20 Jun

“We need our heroes alive”

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  Written by OS Team

Shehrbano Taseer knows fear and intimidation intimately. She has lived with both since her father’s death.

17 Jun

Buddha wants you to dance

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  Written by Bhavita Bhatia

Buddhism teaches through physical discipline, meditation and prayer, and also with laughter, reports Bhavita Bhatia from Dharamsala.

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17 Jun

Do you want to be watched?

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  Written by Sunil Abraham

The new rules for surveillance under the IT Act are an assault on our freedom. They also seem misguided, says Sunil Abraham.

A BarCamp held in Gurgaon showcased new initiatives on technology, transparency and accountability, from ways to minimise corruption to ways to track power cuts.

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Our ‘patriots’ hounded MF Husain out of his country. Our ‘secularists’ didn’t have the guts to bring him home. All of us are guilty of giving in to intimidation, says Dilip Simeon

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What do India’s super-rich like to buy with their buckets of money? No need to guess -- a recent study tells all.

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