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17 Aug

Abu Abraham: a private view

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  Written by OS Team

Open Space was privileged to showcase the cartoons of the late Abu Abraham. An accompanying essay and a comment...

Hege Dalen and Toril Hansen saved 40 youngsters from the Utøya massacre, so why have we hardly heard about them?

Britain's riots -- 'pure and simple criminality' or the outcome of endemic racism and growing poverty?

On the anniversary of Rabindranath Tagore's death, Aseem Shrivastava helps us to look  into the heart of a man who was both a simple poet and a remarkably insightful social commentator.

01 Aug

Once in Norge

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  Written by Aseem Shrivastava

An extract from an essay by Aseem Shrivastava reflecting on his time as a teacher in Norway, and on the recent massacre that took place there.

21 Jul

Girl power at the Google Fair

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  Written by OS Team

Girls swept the first prizes across all three age groups at the recent Google Science Fair -- why is this still news?

"Adaab” to “asalam waleikum”, “khuda hafiz” to “Allah hafiz”... Samina Mishra reflects on the trajectory and its reasons...

Is SlutWalk "an annoying, antifeminist paradox, recreational hacktivism which topples over the very ideas it means to uphold"?

09 Jul

Who's the real pirate?

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  Written by OS Team

Piracy and Somalia are now synonyms. Illegal fishing and the dumping of toxic wastes lie at the root.


07 Jul

A beacon of light

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  Written by Lawrence Liang

Lawrence Liang applauds the wording and reasoning of the recent judgement ruling the Salwa Judum unconstitutional.


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