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How to respond to the cynical manipulation of government agencies by those who we expect to embody democratic functioning?

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21 Sep

In Allahpur, a moment of truth

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  Written by Shivam Vij

Casteism persists, vitiating even the lives of those whose religions speak of equality before god, says Shivam Vij.

By scrapping the go/no-go policy for mining, the Ministry of Environment and Forests has made the mining lobby happy.

16 Sep

Feast and famine

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  Written by Siddhartha Deb

We are a month away from World Food Day. Is India a better nourished country, six decades after Independence? An extract from an article by Siddhartha Deb.

Bharatmate chya viraanna, 1857 chya swatyantra samaraatlya krantikaryanna na apan shraddhanjali deyu ya…’  was the heading on the board at our lane entrance  The Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh shakha in Girgaon had appealed to people, to come together to remember and felicitate the martyrs of this revolution of 1857.

Irom Sharmila and romance -- now there's a connection some would rather not see made, says Samvartha Sahil.

08 Sep

Dance dance dance

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  Written by Sucharita Dutta-Asane

Haruki Murakami's Dance, Dance, Dance is a murder mystery and also a journey from aimlessness to rootedness... A review of a contemporary classic from the OS library.

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06 Sep

An eye for an eye

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  Written by OS Team

Capital punishment is back in the news. After a lapse of seven years, the president rejected three mercy petitions of people convicted of capital crimes.


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Beauty may be skin deep, but prejudice about disfigurement runs deeper than we like to acknowledge.

Rajashri Dasgupta visits Nadia Plesner’s Darfurnica exhibition and reports on the  artist’s moral and legal victory over giant Louis Vuitton.

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