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Love Sex & Dhoka has popped Hindi cinema’s cherry

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09 Jan

For Mother Earth

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  Written by Hartman De Souza

From June through October, a group of 5 committed young actors and their director, worked on performances based on poems dedicated to Mother earth, in an effort to draw attention to the devastation caused by mining in Goa. In this excerpt from a longer article, Hartman De Souza, the director, describes their experiences.

They might be Web-savvy, well-educated, well-off and living in a big city, but almost all women looking for a partner on India’s popular matrimonial websites want to marry within their religion and within their caste as well

01 Jul

Behind the Rainbow Curtain

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  Written by Apphia K

Apphia K. and her friends discuss change, coming out, LGBT politics, and the growth of Pune’s Queer Family. This article originally appeared in the July 2010 issue of The Queer Chronicle. (

Many countries have ill-treated and persecuted their indigenous people, often in worse ways than India. But while some leaders like Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd have gone on record to apologise for past actions, India doesn’t even want to acknowledge what it has done to its tribal populations, says Tarsh Thakaekara.

Nandini Rao asks: Who determines what the word 'beauty' means? Do we really need 'global' standards -- or standardisation -- of beauty?

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19 Aug


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  Written by OS Team

Sridala Swami questions our attitude to death as something distasteful and frightening. The fact is, she says, we are all in a process of dying from the moment our lives begin. We cannot predict it, avoid it altogether or deny its existence. 

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