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E-zines and youth portals -- what does it take to run one?

22 Dec

Passing on and other year-end musings

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Speaking out for freedom of expression is what these five uniquely gifted men had in common.

Does Pune need a metro system? Has the metro improved the situation in other cities?

Creative protests are keeping the Bhopal issue alive...


19 Dec

Past the post?

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  Written by Sneha Krishnan

Sneha Krishnan talks about the otherness of LGBTQ

A young Indian reflects on globalised India. Have we indeed "divorced how people are doing from how markets are doing"?

Craig Jenkins, theatre person, uses the harrowing Mahabharata episode of Abhimanyu to address the issue of child soldiers...


The anniversary of the Babri Masjid demolition is yet another occasion to reflect on  building an inclusive society. We reprint an article by Sohail Hashmi.

Has the nuclear power/arms lobby cynically stifled the development of  technologies that are cheaper, safer and almost emission free?


29 Nov

Shaking it up in Afghanistan

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Music and women, both deemed impure by the Taliban, now come together in Farhad Darya's shows.

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