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The Department of Science and Technology (DST) started “INSPIRE” or “Innovation in Science Pursuit for Inspired Research” in 2008 to attract young minds to the study of natural sciences at an early stage.

27 Aug

The V word

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  Written by Melanie P Kumar

With products like 18 Again, are women being made to feel constantly insecure about their bodies?

Reflecting on the Wagah border ceremony, Ghazala Akbar wonders if it isn't time for a new script?

20 Mar

Shaadi and all that jazz

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  Written by OS Team

Sharija Menon has some advice for all the singletons out there: hang in there! 

The blue glass facades of the towers and malls of our Millennium Cities can’t quite hide the ugly bits of our global cities, says Kalyani Menon-Sen

09 Mar

Not many women like cricket

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  Written by Hannah Sibley

A young British woman reflects on attitudes towards women cricket fans and what is still a man's game...

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06 Feb

Burn dowry, not women

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  Written by Kalpana Sharma

The boys are on sale and there are few discounts in the marriage ‘buy one, get one free'...says Kalpana Sharma.

31 Jan

To OBE or not to OBE

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  Written by Sarah Lyall

Some accept the 'honour' politely, others have told the queen  to 'stick it' -- so which is cooler?


Does the resignation of an Ethics Commissioner mean the beginning of the end for the Dow Olympics sponsorship ?

Caught up in Srinagar's turmoil, a visitor discovers that Azaadi is not only a militants' demand.

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