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"What can I do in the face of farmers' suicides?"
"Don't you think you are glorifying the informal sector -- isn't it highly exploitative?"

10 Jun

Unbuilding blocks: Unblocking Building

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  Written by OS Team

These pictures tell the story of the Natural Construction workshop conducted by Sourabh Phadke for Open Space at Aman Setu School in May. An amazing classroom was designed by 3rd graders and built by a motley but dedicated team using less-energy intensive resources such as straw, clay, stone and bamboo, tyres, wire and bottles..

10 Sep

Reading Sita

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  Written by osteam1

Given the often emotive issues that are raked up when questions related to women's positioning in society arise, or when issues related to caste, community and religion are debated, we feel it is important to look afresh at some of these icons and texts, the better to reclaim our syncretic and progressive cultural history from those who would deny it. It is in keeping with this, that we organized the Kabir Festival in Pune last year, the sessions on translating Bhakti poetry recently, and now Reading Sita

A panel discussion organised on June 12, raised several important issues -- primarily, what exactly needs protection, women or women's rights? What is our role in safeguarding our freedoms? Can we afford to not play a proactive role? The event was well-covered by both the English and Marathi press.

"Threats to open spaces in arts and literature", this was the theme of the lecture delivered by Mr Ashok Vajpeyi on October 5 to inaugurate the Open Space lecture series, 'Keeping The Peace' which will be presented in Pune over the next few months.

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