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13 Feb

The Devdasi film screenings

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Open Space together with the Film and Television Institute of India organized the screenings of two films in the main auditorium of the FTII on the evening of 13th Feb, 2013. The films saw a turnout of roughly sixty five viewers of all ages, students as well as older interested parties.

04 Feb

Partition Stories with Saaz Aggarwal

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Eleven participants gathered at Open Space to do preliminary work on the Open Space-Saaz Aggarwal project on gathering oral histories about partition from their grandparents and friends’ grandparents. 

31 Jan

Khayal within a Khayal

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Talented singer, composer and writer Pushkar Lele's ‘Khayal within a Khayal’ guided listening session was extremely popular, attended by approximately 40 avid listeners!

19 Jan

Demystifying Gender workshop

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The thirty diverse participants in Anand Pawar’s Demystifying Gender workshop were from varied backgrounds. The following discussions spanned many beliefs and ideologies.

17 Jan

Why Loiter?

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Why Loiter? was the first workshop in our Stop Violence Against Women Campaign. A large number of students, approximately thirty, participate in exercises that attempted to identify and analyze a number of things such as how women tend to manufacture security for themselves through dress and action.

On the 11 of Jan, a thirty strong crowd of diverse people gathered at Open Space to listen to Canadian-Asian author Farzana Doctor talk about her experiences as a queer writer.

05 Jan

The Madhu Mela 2013

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The Madhu Mela 2013 was a multidisciplinary Open Space initiative to raise awareness among the population of Pune regarding the plight of the gravely endangered Indian honey bee.

Rabea Murtaza teaches Community Work and Social Service Work at Sheridan College in Toronto, Canada.

The discussions on Indian music have been predominantly on theoretical aspects and mainly by theoreticians and not by practicing musicians. In this three day workshop

‘Love is hard because love continues’ a writing and poetry workshop with Christine Herzer on 15th December, 2012


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