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Music and women, both deemed impure by the Taliban, now come together in Farhad Darya's shows.

How does one help a victim of domestic violence if no help is asked for, wonders Cherry Agarwal...


In the land of a million deities,

to be a woman

is a joke of divine proportions.

Freedom is a privilege, not right

from birth to death;

bestowed by a multitude

indoctrined with ages of unconscionable customs.

Beauty may be skin deep, but prejudice about disfigurement runs deeper than we like to acknowledge.
Shilpa Phadke, sociologist and Sameera Khan, journalist, conducted a one day workshop based on their book 'Why Loiter? Women and Risk on Mumbai Streets'.
-- excerpts from a talk delivered by Nivedita Menon political scientist and feminist scholar, as part of the Open Space/CCDS ‘Keeping the peace’ lecture series, February 25 2011.

Girls swept the first prizes across all three age groups at the recent Google Science Fair -- why is this still news?

Is SlutWalk "an annoying, antifeminist paradox, recreational hacktivism which topples over the very ideas it means to uphold"?

Asha Bhat has been voted as a 'panch' in the recent panchayat elections in Kashmir. What makes this victory interesting?

What happens when two enthusiastic girls get lost in the winding lanes of inner Pune? They make discoveries that they would, perhaps, have rather avoided!

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