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As part of our ongoing work with the Ramayana and our celebration of its diversity, we at Kiski Kahani are hosting Sunte Ho! a journey through the epic with story tellers Vayu Naidu and Ruby Sahota, and with music by Ansuman Biswas.

Shikha Sen, director of 'Anek Ramayan' joined us for a discussion after the screening of her film.


Anek Ramayan (Shikha Sen, 70 mins, English/Hindi) : Join us for a screening and a discussion with the director.

The anniversary of the Babri Masjid demolition is yet another occasion to reflect on  building an inclusive society. We reprint an article by Sohail Hashmi.

Travel to the heart of Punjab. Enter a world of Sufi shrines worshipped and looked after by Dalits. Listen to B.S. Balli Qawwal Paslewale, the first generation Dalit Qawwals born out of this tradition...

"...An epic (is) a kind of ... rolling stone, gathering and dropping as it goes along..." says historian Romila Thapar, about the Ramayana.

The Ramayana is one story, and also many stories. So why these attempts to delimit it?

Casteism persists, vitiating even the lives of those whose religions speak of equality before god, says Shivam Vij.

"Adaab” to “asalam waleikum”, “khuda hafiz” to “Allah hafiz”... Samina Mishra reflects on the trajectory and its reasons...

In a country that claims to have made child labour a punishable offence, where do the children of Manikarnika ghat stand? A reviw of Rajesh Jala's 'Children of the pyre'.


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