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In documenting Steinbeck's work, the author finds a powerful feeling that the promised land promises nothing, not even hope.


A group of about 25 young people participated in a short but intensive writing workshop with young author, poet and journalist Annie Zaidi.

Haruki Murakami's Dance, Dance, Dance is a murder mystery and also a journey from aimlessness to rootedness... A review of a contemporary classic from the OS library.

On the anniversary of Rabindranath Tagore's death, Aseem Shrivastava helps us to look  into the heart of a man who was both a simple poet and a remarkably insightful social commentator.

Badal Sircar, pathbreaking dramatist who died recently, took theatre out of the proscenium, into the great wide open...

"The sky, struck with lightning's golden whip, cries out in pain in a rumble of thunder . . . Cranes are drawn to the clouds by desire and fly around them in formation, like a garland of white lotuses that streams in the wind across the sky.”

Reading the Ramayana with Arshia Sattar is always an experience in itself. For a book like the Ramayana which for 20 odd years has been bound to the single interpretations of a dominant social group, Arshia’s workshop on the Ramayana and Valmiki seemed to have released it from the shackles. The workshop was held at Open Space between the 12th-18th of March.

Why can't people express themselves in succint, well-chosen sentences any longer? Is it like, some virus kind of thing?

At the Jaipur Literature Festival (2011) the question we ask ourselves is does Literature matter in a modern world, and if it does how do we as modern readers locate our understanding of it?

In a remote village in Sierra Leone, this writer realised the real meaning of poetry, a poetry that does not need legitimation from publishers, critics, markets and cocktail parties

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